My Soaping and Product Heroes

Some of my product world heroes. In case they can inspire you, too.

These are people who have inspired me during my soaping and product journey and I cannot recommend their books/YouTube channels/shops/minds enough. I know they have also inspired many others and I just really wanted to give them a shout out and make sure anyone new to product making knows about them.

Enjoy the creativity:

1. Debbie Chialtis from SoapyLove. Hers was the only book on melt and pour that I bought in hard copy, but I have three copies of it. For students, but I'm being extra supportive on the publishing front. Debbie pretty much taught me that the only thing limiting you in making glycerin soap is your creativity.

2. Celine, The Soaperstar. No longer soaping (cries), but her YouTube channel was my evening ritual for months. Listening to her and Ger laughing away was not only soapily inspiring but also just a good time. I still use and teach the 'Celine Swirl' and so she will live on in the soaping halls of fame.

3. Mary Knaggs from Roseberry Bay Soaps. Mary ran the first soap group I joined and was one of a special little group who encouraged me to try cold process (soap bullying is real). She is so incredibly creative, I can't even tell you. Photography, products, SEWING. Mary Does It All should really be her page name. It'd definitely get a lot of Likes.

4. Peta Jackson from Squeaky Clean Soap UK. Another special soap encourager (SSE) with Mary, Peta makes such simple yet stunning soap and I just love the way she dresses up for festivals with her handsome assistant. She has passion, that woman. And orangutans love her, as they should.

5. The Soap Queen, Anne-Marie from Bramble Berry. When I first started making cold process soap, I watched every word this woman spoke. In some ways, she slowed me down from throwing myself in to it. And I'm very grateful for that.

6. Katie from Royalty Soaps. Oh, I love this woman and her beautiful family. She not only inspires you, she makes you feel all warm inside. And her soap is ahhhhmazing. She taught me that it's ok not to master everything and she can keep her always perfect piping, I don't want it.

7. Susan from Swifty Crafty Monkey. She brings together all the chemicals. Just brings them together, and ta-da, it's another amazing product. After telling you alllll about the chemicals. And then trying other chemicals. I possibly love her, too.

8. Marie Rayma from Humblebee and Me.Someone who just nudges the edges of your mind, so next time you're ordering supplies you find yourself adding new and exciting ingredients. Which leads who knows where. It led to cocoa body scrubs at least twice.

9. Dean Wilson, who created Soap Inventory, a FREE hosted web solution to track Inventory, Stock, Sales, Recipes and more. That's right, free. Support him on Patreon if you want to give back.

10. And finally, not related to body products, but she cooks up a creative storm. Katie, from Clean Eats from a Filthy mouth. I love her so much, I bought her tea towel.

Some helpful links:





Bramble Berry





Katie (warning: very strong, yet fabulous language)

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