Congratulations to me!

Today, I finished a year's study in a very specialised area.

Almost a year ago, the Labour party was running for NZ's government. One of our new Prime Minister's discussion points was the legalisation of medical marijuana in New Zealand. As a herbalist and a member of a family with epilepsy, I was elated and on the day Jacinda Ardern was announced as our new PM, I signed up for the Cannabis Training University's Master Certificate in Medical Marijuana.

I decided it was very important to learn more about this particular herb, so I can have that knowledge available to me. As someone with a laboratory, QC, QA, herbal, aromatherapy, H&S background, it made sense to know more at this early stage.

Today, I passed the final exam and graduated. I'm so very positive about the potential of this new industry, I can't even tell you. Let's just say, avoid me for the next 40 years if you don't want your ear talked off.

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