Happy Magical Birthday to Us

18 years ago, I registered my business. It was Herbal Creations Limited back then. And I considered that would be my future, with no idea of the two children who would change everything! 18 years later, I have a 13-year-old boy, a 16-year-old girl and now an 18-year-old business whose name has changed to Astra.

Miss 16 and I have been in and out of the ICU ward at Tauranga Hospital over the past few months due to her having seizures and have spent an awful lot of time together. We’ve seen a lot of Doctor Who and Harry Potter and needed something new to focus on, during long waits to be discharged. She managed to be admitted on a 50th birthday party day, Christmas Eve and three days before her very first overseas trip (great timing, Amy!), so I’ve really wanted to make it all up to her. As you do.

As she is currently doing her NCEA 2 year in Business Studies, Economics and Photography, she needed a business project for her assessments. At the same time, another family member commented on why I don’t sell ‘that magic stuff’ which is a balm I’ve made in one form or another for over twenty years now. It even gets sent to France, for family members. Everyone asks for it.

And so, on the 18th April 2018, on Astra’s 18th birthday, we would like to introduce you to It’s Magic. A family project which we’ve had a lot of fun working on. From Amy, who mentioned a project. To Rod, who mentioned selling it. To my brother Shaun and his ability to turn what we were trying to tell him about into an actual label. (No easy feat).

Amy and I decided during this past week’s hospital stay that we would like to donate a percentage of the profits to Epilepsy Foundation New Zealand, as part of this project. And we’d also like to give away a gift with every purchase from the website. I’ll get that set up while the labels are being printed. We should have everything set up and ready to go in the next week or so, presuming she continues to improve.

I think she will. I’ve decided I’m going to believe in Magic.

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