Patience Is a Money-saving Virtue

In the world of product development, the range of ingredients is just mind-boggling. And, every week, something new has been discovered. With magical powers (to match mystical price tag). Remember when Argan Oil became a thing? Or even further back, Rosehip? What did we all do with our hair and skin before those hit the market?

It's never-ending. The other day, Bramble Berry asked me if I'd tried Moringa Seed Oil yet. No, Bramble Berry, but I appreciate the research you put into your products. I've definitely read up on it now, because I can't resist a link to a thing. And thank you very much for the additional link to Lemongrass Mojito FO, you evil enablers.

While I would LOVE to be a purchaser of all the new things (caffeine powder is currently calling my name), I probably wouldn't still be in business if I did. I've spent my 'play money' on Mad Micas recently (insert heart emote), but usually that goes on things I actually need to play with. I was weak, they were sparkly. A truly purchase-affecting combo.

So, with all of that in mind, I'm never going to be first on a bandwagon in this industry. I wait until the demand has risen and the price has dropped. One of the rare times in my life when I'm actually patient about something. And, even when it becomes affordable, I might not bother. Kokum Butter was something I wanted to try, and I've fallen quite hard for that (and probably mispronounce it on purpose) but Kiwifruit Seed Oil and Sea Buckthorn etc.? I haven't even gone there, despite having been given samples.

There is absolutely nothing wrong (especially if you’re new to product development and don't want to throw cash at a new project) in having a few carefully selected oils as your base, and watching everyone else go crazy for Nimrod Oil (I made that up, don’t Google it), and then maybe trying it a few years later, when it’s not a brazillion dollars a bottle. Nothing at all.

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