More Exciting Than I Can Even Explain

You know those projects you have ticking along in the background. The ones which are ALWAYS on the white board, because we all know they're year plus things and even though we hope and wish for that moment when you can wipe it off the board, it's just always there. Those ones?

This week, we wiped. We wiped three letters off our board and those letters had been there forEVER. 'APP'

I almost say it in a reverent whisper... App... *spooky wind sounds* ^

Over in my world of Health and Safety, we have finally (FINALLY) launched in both the Apple and Google stores and this is such a significant moment in my little life that I could cry. Tears of pixels. Happy tears of green and blue, to match our logo.

So, head on over to the eSafety website and be amazed at how you never need to actually write anything down with a pen which is health and safety-related. Ever again. You can even voice record and time things on there. And take photos and write clever notes on them, like 'Shane did this dumb thing' with an arrow pointing to the dumb thing.

Be free with your expressiveness in the world of Health and Safetyness. As Free as the App. Which is very much Free and makes the life of your average Health and Safety Consultant much simpler and right there in their phone or tablet.

^ Note that spooky wind sounds can be made using a bottle of Sambuca and making certain poses with your mouth, but that's another post for another day.

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