This is for a 1 hour initial product development session with Karen.

The first half hour is free.


Product Development Process


I use a gradual progression, so at each stage both my client and I know what we have created so far, what needs to be done to improve or change it, and how much is being spent on the process.


Initial Meeting

Typically, anywhere from ½ hour to 2 hours+, depending on how much you want to discuss. You may arrive with a basic idea or a fully formed concept. First half hour no charge. Can be done in person or by Skype/phone.


Research Session 1

Time-frame is product and client-dependent. Generally, 1 – 2 hours+.


Development Session 1

Anticipate from 2 hours to 4 hours+, depending on what we are creating; whether the client wants multiple varieties of a product and how many etc.


Review Meeting 1

Either at studio, or I can courier out and we can discuss by phone/skype/email. First invoice provided, so you can keep track of what you are spending on the development process.


Research/Development Session 2

Anticipate from 1 hour to 4 hours+.


Review Meeting 2

Either at studio, or I can courier out and we discuss by phone/skype/email. Second invoice provided.


Research/Development Session 3 and additional Sessions

Anticipate from 2 hours to 4 hours+ each, depending on stage in development process.

Hours increase, if we are still working on previous corrections.


Final Approval Meeting


Training, if required

Either at studio, or I provide written instruction and we discuss by phone/skype/email.



Product Development Costs
All prices noted below exclude GST.


Hourly rate for product development work is $20/quarter hour increments or $65/full hour. 

Additional costs to the client are the purchase cost of ingredients and any courier costs.

Following completion and client approval, each recipe is provided at a cost of $300 for the main recipe for a product range and $50 for any variants.

e.g. body wax range $300, 6 varieties in total (original + 5 extra varieties x $50) $250 = $550


This includes full training in how to make your products, complete ownership of all recipes, information regarding suppliers of ingredients and basic back-up support as you begin your own production.


Excessive hours charged out at rate above.



Product Endorsements available


If you would like to state that your product has been clinical aromatherapist/herbalist-endorsed in your marketing, I offer that service.


This involves me pulling apart your recipe and ensuring every ingredient is considered safe and appropriate for your target market. Hourly rate of $65/hour above applies.



GST-registered. Invoice supplied at each stage of development.


IMPORTANT: When ordering, select the 'Pick Up at Papamoa Beach' option

Product Development Session