In this beginner’s hands-on class, you will learn the basics of colour, fragrance and melt and pour (MP) soap base.
Make 3 of your own creations, using your chosen colourants (micas, pigments, clear colours) and essential or fragrant oils (choose from over 70 scents):
• A basic scented and coloured molded soap
• A double poured (multi-coloured) molded soap
• A molded soap with additives; glitter, jojoba beads, poppy seeds, oatmeal etc.
We help you learn to control temperature for pouring and blending colour, and we give you a huge choice of molds, colours and scents, to personalise your creations.


All of our MP soap bases are of high quality and in this class we give you a choice of a low sweat all natural, vegan glycerin soap base (which contains sustainable palm oil) or there is a palm-free version for those who prefer it. We discuss ingredients such as palm oil further in other classes.

You will have an array of different soap molds to choose from, for your projects. And each student will have the ability to completely personalise their soaps. Or work together with someone.


Class sizes limited to 12. Approximately two hours

Glycerin Soap Craft Class

  • Payment is required at the time of booking. If you are unable to attend, we require 48 hours notice for a refund to be given.

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